Art Challenge 2020

There is an “art challenge” on Facebook. I was challenged by Juanita Greenspan to show 7 of my artworks in 7 days and to challenge another artist to do the same. Juanita is the epitome of a direct sculptor, finding wonderful forms in the stone as she works. Juanita is also a very interesting person who I met studying stone sculpture at Casa Alexandria in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The challenge excites me because in these strange days of solitude I have found a sense of strength in my art. I will add to this post during the week to keep caught up and include more details of the work that is also on Facebook.

Day 1: A happy tropical bird

Tropical Bird, Translucent Orange Alabaster, 10x5x3

On our February 2020 trip to South Africa, my mother and I visited a beautiful aviary full of tropical birds with brilliant colors. We love to travel.

Mom and me with South African bird

Day 2. Mixing things up. Painting supplies in the living room.

Flowers and Paints, Pastels on paper, 24×31 framed

Day 3 Similar painting done outside in oil on canvas (use what you have).

Flowers and Paints Outside, oil on canvas, 32×26 framed

Day 4

Original title was cloud gazer. This sculpture took a year to finish because I didn’t know if I had the right proportions I think it turned out fine.
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Imagining what the stone could be

Sculptures and Paintings by Suzanne Posner

I carve the stone sculptures with nothing but a hammer and chisel, files and sandpaper. Most of the sculptures are alabaster. I choose a stone first for color, then for a stimulating shape. While I take off the rough edges, I look at the stone from all angles, imagining what the stone could be. Many of my pieces have gone through a few permutations. A sculpture may take months to years to complete because I am constantly thinking of how to make it come alive and I end up going back into the stone…

Suzanne Loves To Sculpt

Sculptures and Paintings by Suzanne Posner

My beloved teacher Lissy Dennett explained that an “abstract” work of art is abstracted from an object while a “non-representational” work is a shape. The first sculpture here is an abstract of two hearts. The second sculpture, “Snuggle” is non-representational, although I am tempted to subtitle it “Two Hamsters”(making it “abstract” by definition).